Revolutionary Democracy, April, 2018

On the Bicentenary of the Birth of Karl Marx

The BJP Government’s Last Budget: Slogans for Working People and Profits for the Rich, NTUI.

Privileging Growth, Undermining Rights, K.B. Saxena

Book Review: Indian Big Business in the Nehruvian Period, Bernard D’Mello

Book Review: Selected Writings of Clara Zetkin, Amna Hafeez Mobeen and Rabbia Aslam

The Jalandhar Auto Rickshaw Workers Strike, Amanpreet Singh, Raj Mehta

Higher Education, ‘Autonomy’ and Social Justice: Keeping the ‘Poor’ Poor, Simin Akhter Naqvi

Correspondence: Timir Basu, Zbigniew Wiktor and Prem Suwal

Book Review: B.R. Ambedkar, India and Communism, Introduction by Anand Teltumbde, Chaman Lal

Obituary: Winnie Madikizela-Mandela (1939-2018), Rafael Martinez

France: No to the Trivialization of French Military Interventions, PCOF

Tunisia: What are we waiting for? A new campaign to reject the austerity policies of the ruling coalition, Workers’ Party

Italy: The Political Crisis of the Bourgeoisie Deepens, Piattaforma Comunista

Bolivia: Evo Morales Opens the Doors to Fracking, Attacks Tariquia and Signs More Contracts with His Transnational ‘Partners’, Revolutionary Communist Party of Bolivia

Iran: Long live the raging movement of the people of Iran! The Party of Labour of Iran (Toufan)

Centenary of the Great October Socialist Revolution:

Role of Trade Unions in the October Revolution, Padam Kumar

From the October Revolution to the Construction of Socialism in One Country, Bikram Mohan

The 1917 Russian Revolution and its Impact on International Law, S. Anandha Krishna Raj

New: What About the International Revolution? Criticism of Stefan Engel’s “Dawn of the International Socialist Revolution” and the MLPD’s Positions, Diethard Möller

The Stalin Works: How We Do It, Sergey Rychenkov

Regarding the 1964 Programme Document of the CPI (M), Parimal Dasgupa

The Secret Mission of A.I. Mikoyan to China II, (January-February 1949), A. Ledovsky

Letter to Comrade Togliatti, J.V. Stalin. Preface by The Editorial Board of “Teoria e Prassi”

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