Revolutionary Democracy

Vol. I, No. 1 (New Series), April, 2022

Fragment from Untitled Sketch by
Gurpeet, Bhatinda, 2020

On the 75th Anniversary
of the Great Patriotic War

Whither Afghanistan?

Joint Statement on Afghanistan

Budget 2022-2023, NTUI

Victory in the Peasant Struggle: Those Who Dare to Struggle, Win, NTUI

The Oting Massacre and AFSPA, Malem Ningthouja

From the Congress Party to the BJP, Badruddin Umar

On the Covid-19 Crisis in India, Padam Kumar

Formation and Development of the Soviet Healthcare System, Proletarskaya Gazeta

Let’s Denounce the Imperialist War Policies, Let’s Mobilize for Peace and Work!, Communist Platform, Italy

Message of Solidarity and Support for Our ‘Democratic Way’ in Morocco, ICMLPO

Towards the Popular Front Against the Capitalist Crisis, Fascism and War, Balkan Organisations

The Social Struggle and the Role of the Left in Latin America, XXV International Seminar: Problems of the Revolution in Latin America

Pandemic-Induced Multiple Crisis and the Government’s Response, K.B.Saxena

Some Questions of the Dictatorship of the Proletariat in the People’s Democracies, Vijay Singh 

Lenin Returns to Russia, Maxim Gorky et al

Primitive Thinking and Stalin as a Scapegoat, Domenico Losurdo

The Finance Commission Report and Action Taken by the Central Government, K.B. Saxena

Meeting with Stalin, (1925), Otto Hall 

Stalin: Conversations with Ideologues (1945-1946), V.D. Mochalov

Letter on Corruption in the Soviet Union from S.V Arbuzov to I.V Stalin. (August 12, 1946)

Amendments to the Draft Programme of the Communist Party of India, I.V. Stalin

Three Articles on Soviet Architecture (1936)