Towards Marxist-Leninist Unity

A Journal

Vol. 5, No. 4, October 2-23
Israel’s War against the Palestinian People
     An Urgent Call from Palestinian Trade Unions: End all Complicity, Stop Arming Israel
     The facts of the Ahli/Baptist Hospital Bombing
     Hezbollah statement condemns U.S. intervention in Palestine
     Al-Awda Stands with the Palestinian People and the Palestinian Resistance
The announced military intervention in Haiti is an unacceptable threat!
Who Does not Support the Haitian People?
Multipolarity: False Hope for the Left
National Task Force on Stand Your Ground Laws
Imperialism and Migration
Free Medical Care for All
The Struggles of the Workers are Developing and in Need of Solidarity
A New Military Intervention in Haiti
Sección en español
Nueva intervención militar en Haití

Vol. 5, No. 3, August 2023
A Victory against Privatization
In defense of Foster from the slander of “Settlers”
Note from the History of the International Longshore and Workers Union (ILWU)
The Police And All Forms of Policing Practices are Violence on the Working Class!
Why Have There Been Several Drownings in New York City Beaches, but Not on Long Island
Notes on Anthony Gronowicz’s book Careless Genius and the murder of John Lennon
On the continued occupation of Puerto Rico
Socialism… Seriously, 2023 edition, by Danny Katch
Two separate items from Facebook
The capitalist-imperialist world economy is getting worse
Sección en español
Sobre la continuada ocupación de Puerto Rico
La economía mundial capitalista-imperialista empeora

Vol. 5, No. 2, June 2023
Amendment to the editorial from the previous issue:
     “The need for a broad journal of discussion and debate”
The debt ceiling debate: An open attack on the working class
Sudan/Popular Movement Responds to Generals’ War
Disease or Disorder; Change since 1990
Struggle-La Lucha “proves” China is not an imperialist power, by quoting Foreign Policy magazine!
UPS Teamsters Start Strike Authorization Vote
Choosing Your Vaccines: Facts You Should Know
San Francisco/Protests demand justice for trans organizer Banko Brown
Cartoon from Party of Labor of Iran for Assange
Biden: The Ukraine connection
Harry Belafonte: problems faced by people of color are
     ‘as dire and entrenched as they were half a century ago’
Let us fight for peace – Stop the War!
We salute the rise of the workers’ movement in Europe!
Ecuador: The people have only one electoral choice
To defend the Yasuní, vote Yes
Colombia: Mobilizations in support of Petro
Some elements on the world economy
Sección en español
¡Saludamos el ascenso del movimiento obrero en Europa!
Ecuador: El pueblo tiene una sola opción electoral
Para defender el Yasuní, votar Sí
Colombia: Movilizaciones en apoyo a Petro
Algunos elementos sobre la economía mundial

Vol. 5, No. 1, April, 2023
Editorial: The need for a broad journal of discussion and debate (note that there have been some changes
     to the 3rd point of unity from the version sent by email, as a result of criticism by a reader
Behind the Self-Defeating Approach toward the National Protest against the War in Ukraine
The Imperialist War in Ukraine
What is behind Local Law 97?
L.A. workers: “Our interest is with all workers of all nations”
Stop food stamp cuts
Cop City: Racist police terror continues in Atlanta
Is a Financial Crisis Looming?
Financial storms, recession and reaction
Political Tendencies of US Imperialism
Trump's criminal indictment, relations between the financial oligarchy and diversion
Carolyn Eubanks, Antiracist & communist till the end
Sección en español
Descansa en el poder, Carolyn, antirracista y comunista hasta el final
¿Se avecina una crisis financiera
El proceso penal de Trump, ajustes entre la oligarquía financiera y entretenimiento

Revolutionary Organization of Labor: Tribute to Comrade Jose Maria Sison – Outstanding Revolutionary of Our Time

Vol. 4, No. 6, February 2023
Stop Police Murders!
Shock and anger after fired worker killed by police at Oklahoma pork plant
A Brief Summary of Recent Strikes in the U.S.
What Does a Multipolar World Mean, and Does It Benefit the Workers and Peoples?
The Developments of the War on the Working Class
How the War Machine ‘Recruits’ Poor, Oppressed Youth
Antiwar Activist Faces Repression in Germany
Happy Lunar New Year
Let Them Die!
US Life Expectancy Falls to Lowest Levels Since 1996
Why Does the United States Treat Us as a Colony
World Hunger Is Growing: Capitalism Is To Blame
The Decline of the U.S. Economy
Sección en español
¿Porque Estados Unidos nos trata como colonia?
Crece el hambre en el mundo: la culpa es del capitalismo
La declinación de la economía de EE.UU.

Vol. 4, No. 5, December 2022
No to the Privatization of Public Housing!
Again on “Gun Control”
More on Ukraine War
Mayor Adams’ New Policy for the Homeless: “Fascism with a Human Face”
To hell with the railroad barons: The railroads belong to the people!
Farewell, Comrade Joma
China: Mass protests against Xi Jinping
Stop the Ukraine War—refuse to handle military cargo
The Imperialist Aggressiveness and the Birth of the West Africa Peoples Organisation (WAPO)
Martinique: Sooner or later, we will get justice and reparations!
The Russian Revolution and its contribution to human rights
Stalin's Role in Building Socialism – 144 Years Since Joseph Stalin's Birth
Sección en español
La Revolución Rusa y su aporte a los derechos humanos
El papel de Stalin en la construcción del socialismo – 144 años del natalicio de Joseph Stalin

Vol. 4, No. 4, November 2022
Proposal for a Working People’s Election Campaign
No to the Privatization of Medicare!
Railroad workers have had enough
Is 5G Safe?
Workers' Communist Party of Denmark on Palestine
Letter from 45 Haitian Popular Organizations
November 25: No more sexist violence
NGOs: The Trojan Horse of Capitalism
Sección en español
25 de noviembre: No más violencia de género
Las ONG: el caballo de troya del capitalismo

Revolutionary Organization of Labor: The Biden/Putin Criminal War in Ukraine

Vol. 4, No. 3, September 2022
The Inter-imperialist wars and the position of the left within the US
End the War in Ukraine
Preliminary Remarks on Biden vs. Trump
Inflation, Stagflation and Biden’s “Inflation Reduction Act”
The Crisis of Success in the United States
Short and Local Articles
Education Cuts
Rehire unvaccinated municipal workers
No to Congestion Pricing Plan
Redoing bus stops
Marx once said: “Religion is the opium of the people.”
Why not use speed bumps instead of speed cameras?
Penn Station “upgrade: A new boondoggle in the interests of the real estate industry
To Hell with LUMA and the Inept Capitalist Government!
Chile: The Victory of the Reject and the Alternative of the Revolutionary Communists
Sección en español
Las guerras inter-imperialistas y la posición de la izquierda dentro de los EE.UU.
Los Estados Unidos no tiene derecho a dar lecciones a Putin sobre las invasiones
¡Pa’l carajo LUMA y el Gobierno inepto capitalista!
Chile: El Triunfo del Rechazo y la Alternativa de los Comunistas Revolucionarios

Vol. 4, No. 2, July 2022
Fight to Restore the Right to Abortion!
The Right to Abortion in the Soviet Union
My Body, No Choice
Book Review: Civil Rights Unionism
Preliminary Thoughts on the Strengths and Weaknesses of the CPUSA in its Revolutionary Period
The workers and peoples are bearing the brunt of the crisis
Russian imperialism's war against Ukraine and the attitude of German imperialism
The bourgeoisie hides the nature of the war behind the false contradiction between "democracy and authoritarianism"
Short: Casino “workers” in Atlantic City
Labor Council opposes $40 billion in military aid to Ukraine
Cartoon: Starving American Babies
Sección en español
Pensamientos preliminares sobre las fortalezas y debilidades del PC-EE.UU. en su período revolucionario
La crisis la cargan los trabajadores y los pueblos

Guns Don’t Kill People!
Racists, Misogynists and Other Chauvinists Kill People!

Vol. 4, No. 1, May, 2022
APL on Roe V. Wade: Defend Our Communities From Organized Reaction
No to imperialist-capitalist wars! Death to fascism!
Is U.S. dollar hegemony ending?
Book Review: Turn the Guns Around, by John Catalinotto
Two Poems From A German War Primer
Book review: “Mobilizing in Our Own Name”
The Failure of Revisionism and the Need For a New Communist International
The Colonial Presence of France in Martinique
Richard Leakey (1944-2022)
Sección en español
¡No a las guerras imperialistas-capitalistas! ¡Muerte al fascismo!
El fracaso del revisionismo: por una nueva Internacional

Three statements from Revolutionary Organization of Labor and ICOR
ICOR call: May Day 2022 and May 8. and 9. – International Days of Struggle for Workers’ Rights, Peace, Freedom, and Socialism!
ROL-USA Proposed Resolution: Prioritize Building A New Communist International
ROL May Day Greetings — 2022!

Vol. 3, No. 6, April 2022
The U.S. Has No Right to Give Lessons to Putin on Invasions
Ukraine – An Analysis of an Inter-Imperialist War
No to our country's involvement in the reactionary war of Biden and Putin!
Cartoon: Welcome to My  Moderate Rebels Club
The economic background of the inter-imperialist dispute
Graphic: Combatting Glorification of Nazism
Staten Island Amazon Union Victory
Bessemer Alabama Amazon Workers Continue Struggle to Unionize
The working woman in the face of the current health crisis
Lasso cements dependency on China
New York City – Homeless & Covid Restrictions
New York State – Gov. Hochul’s Measures to Improve the Economy
Sección en español
La victoria del sindicato de Amazon de Staten Island
La mujer trabajadora ante la crisis de salud actual
Lasso remacha dependencia con China

Organización Revolucionaria del Trabajo (ORT): ¡TODAVÍA hay tiempo y necesidad urgente
de vencer la tiranía trumpista!
, 4 de julio, 2021
Tengo un acuerdo con la ORT para poner su material en la web.  Sin embargo, el acuerdo nunca negó mi derecho a criticar este material. Han pasado unos 8 meses desde que la ORT ha publicado cualquier material nuevo, y ahora básicamente reimprime su ataque a Trump desde octubre pasado. Si bien laORT tiene razón en que Trump es un fascista que está derrotado pero ya existe, esto ignora el hecho de que en este momento Biden es el principal representante del imperialismo estadounidense. Biden es casi totalmente ignorado en este tema, excepto en la medida en que no tomó una posición lo suficientemente fuerte contra Trump y temas relacionados, como los proyectos de ley de supresión de votantes. De todos modos, los lectores pueden juzgar por sí mismos. La ORT no tiene ninguna conexión con Towards Marxist-Leninist Unity. Su material anterior está en ML Translations (
Organización Revolucionaria del Trabajo: ¡Es hora de descartar al tirano Trump!, 1 de octubre, 2020

Vol. 3, No. 5, February 2022
No War with Russia over Ukraine!
Short: Two Films on the Attempted German Revolution of 1918
Lenin: Freedom to Criticise and Unity of Action
Short: Racist Statue of President Teddy Roosevelt Finally Removed from in Front of the
American Museum of Natural History
Peace and Justice Organizations Call for Freedom for Assange
Clyde Bellecourt, One of Original Founders of the American Indian Movement, Passes Away
Crime and the Role of the Police in the United States and the Soviet Union
The Tragic Fire in the Bronx: Who is Responsible?
XPO Logistics misclassifies, exploits drivers with independent contractor scheme designed to deny workers basic rights, benefits
PSC Votes to End Sanctions against Cuba
A Year of the Biden Administration in the Midst of Serious Conflicts
Neither King Nor Subjects! The Legacy of Spain: 500 Years of Genocide, Slavery,
Racism and Colonialism
Obrador's Popularity
Sección en español
Lenin: Libertad de crítica y unidad de acción
Corte: Dos películas sobre el intento de revolución alemana de 1918
XPO Logistics clasifica erróneamente y explota a los conductores con un es-quema de
contratista independiente diseñado para negar a los trabajadores derechos y beneficios básicos
Resolución del CPS en oposición a las sanciones de Estados Unidos a Cuba
Ucrania: ¡Ni un euro para guerras ajenas!
Un año del gobierno de Biden en medio de graves conflictos
¡Ni reyes, ni súbditos! El legado de España: 500 años de genocidio, esclavitud,
racismo y colonialismo
La popularidad de Obrador

Supplement to Towards Marxist-Leninist Unity, Vol. 3, No 5: Support the Canadian Truckers of the “Freedom Convoy”!

Vol. 3, No. 4 December 2021
No to Vaccine Mandates!
New York Rally in Support of Striking Alabama Miners
APL Statement on the Rittenhouse Ruling: Enough is Enough
Oppose the Extradition of Julian Assange!
100,000 U.S.-armed Ukraine Nazi regime troopers amassed on border of Donbass Region to massacre the antifascist resistance and line up at the Russian border
People of the Sahel oppose imperialism
Condemn US President Biden’s Sham ‘Summit for Democracy’
COP26 conference: Capitalists don’t cop to climate corruption
Problems of the world economy
Karl Marx' Law of the Tendency of the Rate of Profit to Fall, Quantified
Sección en español
Los capitalistas no admiten a la corrupción climática
Problemas en la economía mundial

Vol. 3, No. 3 October 2021
Stop the Firings! Stop the Vaccine Mandates!
Congestion Pricing – Another Tax on Working people
Poem: The Moscow Workers Take Possession of The Great Metro on April 27th 1935
“Columbus Day”
Further Idealism on the Question of Gender
Military Coup in Guinea: What Lessons for the African Peoples?
China and Its Real Estate Crisis
Sección en español
China y su crisis inmobiliaria
¡Basta Ya!

Leaflet: No Firings! No Vaccine Mandates!, September 29, 2021

Vol. 3, No. 2 September 2021
The U.S. Defeat in Afghanistan
Short: Abolish ALS
Amazon fired him – now he’s trying to unionize 5,000 workers in New York
Stop The Evictions!
Short: Cuomo’s one progressive act
Happy Labor Day — now drop dead
Working Class Women In Texas Reject Anti-Abortion Law
Short: Ads for Covid Vaccines
Book Review: Lies My Teacher Told Me
Humor and Stupidity Section
USA: September 11 and the expansion of warmongering
Cuba, Revolutionary and Anti-Imperialist
Down With The Fiscal Control Board
Sección en español
EE.UU: 11 S y la expansión del guerrerismo
Cuba revolucionaria y antiimperialista
Fuera la Junta de Control Fiscal

Vol. 3., No. 1 July 2021
The Class Nature of China Today
Picture: Monopoly Corporations Control the World
A Socialist Autopsy on Biden’s First Hundred Days
Newsletter on attacks on voting rights
Alabama coal miners: Solidarity forever!
U.S. Military, C.I.A. Out of Haiti
High Tech and Auto Giants Make Super-Profits off Child Labor in the Congo
Police Use Drones to Spy on Demonstrators
Book Review: The Truth about the Drug Companies, by Dr. Marcia Angell
CDC Acknowledges thousands of deaths from Covid-19 vaccines, but refuses to publicize them
Local elections and other issues
The University of Puerto Rico (UPR): Victim of Capitalism, Colonialism and Neoliberalism
From Lenin, “Left-Wing” Communism, An Infantile Disorder, Chapter II
Conclusions of the Meeting of Marxist-Leninist Parties of Latin America
Sección en español
La Universidad de Puerto Rico: Víctima del capitalismo, colonialismo y el neoliberalismo
De Lenin: La enfermedad infantil del “izquierdismo” en el comunismo, Capítulo II
Conclusiones de la reunión de los partidos marxistas-leninistas de América Latina

Revolutionary Organization of Labor: Still Time to Trounce Trumpist Tyranny!

I  have an agreement with ROL to put their material on the web.  However, the agreement never denied my right to criticize this material. It has been some 8 months since ROL has put out any new material, and now it basically reprints its attack on Trump from last October. While ROL is correct that Trump is a fascist who is down but not out, this ignores the fact that at this point Biden is now the chief representative of U.S. imperialism. Biden is almost totally ignored in this issue, except to the degree that he did not take a sufficiently strong position against Trump and related issues such as voter-suppression bills. Anyway, readers can judge for themselves. ROL has no connection with Towards Marxist-Leninist Unity. Their earlier material is on ML Translations (

Vol. 2, No. 6 May 2021 
The Ruling Class Sacrifices One Racist Cop to Preserve Their System of Police Repression
Some Preliminary Thoughts on the Transition from Socialism to Communism
Book Review: Black Liberation and Socialism, by Frank Chapman
The situation of migrant refugees, particularly children, under President Biden
The Loss in the Vote for a Union at Amazon in Bessemer
What the strike in Amazon [Italy] brought to light
Charge Andrew Cuomo for Murder for the Deaths of Nursing Home Patients from Covid
Courageous women of the Paris Commune
Let us follow in the footsteps of the Communards
May 1: a day of rebellion, not of rest
May First, 2021: Day of Resistance and Struggle of the Working Class
Sección en español
Pongamos nuestros pasos en los de los Comuneros
1 de Mayo: un día de rebelión no de descanso
Primero de Mayo de 2021: Día de resistencia y lucha de la  clase trabajadora

Vol. 2, No. 5 February 2021
The Aftermath of the Fascist Riot of January 6
Its decline socially divides and politically polarizes US imperialism
The Occupation of Wisconsin's Capitol in 2011 – A Double Standard by the Left?.
Editorial Reply
Continuing Cases of Police Murders
Police Benevolent Association ad for Black History Month..
New Information on NYPD Involvement in the Assassination of Malcolm X
V.I. Lenin and W.E.B. Du Bois: Class Struggle and Civilization
Interesting Link
United Front song
Support the Unionization Drive of Amazon Workers in Bessemer, Alabama.
Cuomo: Nursing Home Deaths, Emergency Powers and Accusations of Sexual Harassment
Book Review: A Life of Labor and Love, by Wally Linder.
Continuing Attacks against the Homeless.
Humor and Stupidity Section.
On Authority
Capitalism is a System of Exploitation of Labor, Not a Conspiracy.
Miscellaneous Shorts.
No to the Imposition of the Criminal Anti-Covid-19 Vaccine!

Law of the Tendency of the Rate of Profit to Fall, by David Hungerford

Vol. 2, No. 4 December 2020
We are in Great Depression Two
A Great Technical Achievement
Biden Represents Imperialism as Usual
Why the Military Establishment Backed Biden
Jail Killer Cops for Life!
Humor and Stupidity Section
Merry Xmas
Over 250 million workers and farmers rise up against India’s right-wing government
Bolivia: October 18: Popular Victory over the Pro-Coup and Fascist Oligarchy
Peru: For the Call for a Sovereign and Popular Constituent Assembly!
Artículos en español
Bolivia: 18 de Octubre: Victoria Popular sobre la Oligarquía Golpista y Fascista
Perú: ¡Por la convocatoria a una asamblea constituyente soberana y popular!

Election Results special

Vol. 2, No. 3 October 2020
On the US Presidential Elections
Elections Won’t Defeat Fascism, Only We Can
Communist (PCUSA) for Congress in Vermont!
Poem: The Carpet Weavers of Kuyan-Bulak Honor Lenin
Natural History Museum’s Racist Statue Still Stands
Fully Reopen the Libraries, and more
Cuomo and New York State Legislature Make Ballot Access More Difficult for Third Parties
Humor and Stupidity Article
Is There a Need for a Marxist-Leninist International?
Artículo en español
¿Hace falta la Internacional Marxista-Leninista?

Vol. 2, No. 2 August 2020
The World Economy is in Crisis
Schools and the Pandemic
Reparations for Glyphosate Use in the United States
New York City Shootings
The 2020 Presidential Election
Call for an Independent Workers’ Party
Letter from an Italian-American on Removal of Columbus Statues
Book Review: Sojourning for Freedom
Marxists & Communists on Prostitution
On the Question of the African-American Nation in the Black Belt
Humor and Stupidity Page
Sección en español
La economía mundial está en crisis
Reparación por uso de glifosato en Estados Unidos

Vol. 2, No. 1 June 2020
Mass Rebellion in the US against Killer Cops
Black and white Oklahomans march to defend Second Amendment and against police brutality and local cop killings
American Museum of Natural History Finally Decides to Take Down Racist Statue
NYC Labor Leaders Call on Governor, Mayor, and Police Commissioner to Put a Stop to Police Brutality
Statement by Ship Clerk’s Association, Local 34, ILWU
Reform the Police?
Black Lives Matter cashes in with $100 million from liberal foundations
Jail Killer Cops for Life!
Why Grand Juries Almost Never Indict Cops?
Why Grand Juries Almost Never Indict Cops?
AP count: Over 4,500 virus patients sent to NY nursing homes
Absentee Ballots Are Not Secret Ballots
What Makes a Country Socialist?
Reply: What Makes a Country Socialist?
Red Herrings are Not Red or Working-Class Issues
The Mythology of American Democracy Came Crashing Down Last Night—Fight for a Working Class Alternative!
Declaration Against Racism, Fascism and Capitalism
Social Outbreak at the Heart of the Capitalist Imperialist System
In Memory of Anatoly Pyzhkov
Sección en español
Rebelión masiva en la EEUU contra policías asesinos
La mitología de la democracia estadounidense se vino abajo: ¡lucha por una alternativa de clase trabajadora!
Declaración Contra el racismo, el fascismo y el capitalismo
Estallido social en el corazón del sistema capitalista imperialista

Vol. 1, No. 6, April 2020
Some Preliminary Comments on the Consequences of the Coronavirus for the United States
New Orleans Hospitality Workers Demand Income Replacement During Pandemic
COVID-19 Has Further Exposed an American Capitalism in Fascist Decay
Pictures of restrictions due to Coronavirus in Bolivia and India
The pandemic isn’t equal: Coronavirus hits the poor at most dangerous rate
From Making Sex a Choice to Making Nationality/Race a Choice
A Continuation of an Idealist Viewpoint
Benin will not serve as a land for testing the anti-Covid-19 vaccine and the deadly vaccines of the Imperialists!
The Pentagon and Microsoft Are Quietly Hijacking All US Elections
No to Biden! No to Trump!
For a Party of the Workers, Communities & Oppressed Nationalities!
On March 8, We Women Workers Fight Together With the Men Workers
Articulo en español
El 8 de Marzo, luchamos las trabajadoras unidas con los trabajadores

Vol. 1, No. 5, February 2020
Filthy Rich Declare War on Workers: 2020 is Year to Unite and Fight Back!
The Bernie Sanders campaign and building the movement for socialism in the US
The Fight Against Wage Theft in New York State
Critique of “The Use of Identity Politics to Undermine the Left”
The Danger of the 5G Network in Factories and in the Area
Colombian Workers Fight Anti-Worker Economic Policies, Despite Repression
France: The social movement is not done with the pension reform and Macron's policy
Dominican Republic: protests of the municipal elections after suspension due to technical failure
The people look at socialism as an alternative to capitalism
Sección en español
República Dominicana: protestas de las elecciones municipales tras suspensión por falla técnica
Los pueblos miran al socialismo como alternativa al capitalismo

Vol. 1, No. 4, December 2019
‘Fighting for future generations’: Auto workers strike against GM
Nation That Says It Can't Afford Medicare for All Has Spent $5.6 Trillion on War Since 9/11
Black Workers Must Take the Lead in the Black Liberation Movement
US taxpayers spent almost $1 billion incarcerating innocent black people
Who’s Trying to Silence Cindy Sheehan?
San Francisco School to Cover Controversial George Washington Murals
"Impeach the System!"
Lenin on Permanent Revolution
The Evidence Pours In: Poverty Getting Much Worse in America
The Bolshevik Revolution, Its Influence on the U.S., and the formation of the CPUSA
China – Bolivia – a Lithium Deal – No More?
The peoples of Bolivia are fighting against fascism
Report on the National Situation in Chile
The popular struggle and the international proponents of corruption in Haiti!
Sección en español
Los pueblos de Bolivia luchan contra el fascismo
Informe de la Situación Nacional en Chile

Vol. 1, No. 3, September 2019
Mississippi raids at poultry plants calculated pay back to break movement to organize the South
Unions to Picket ICE Operations
Some Preliminary Thoughts on the Question of the United Front and the Party
The Fascists Are On the March Against Women's Rights – We Must Respond
Maxim Gorky on imperialist war
Cops & Corporations Out of Pride! Stonewall Means Fight Back!
Communism Isn’t Just for Dusty Old White People (with comments)
Tlaib and Omar: A watershed moment in the struggle against imperialism and racism
Financed by the U.S., the Dictatorships in South America Killed Thousands
In the name of Communist Workers and Students for Social Change of Puerto Rico
Sección en español
Himno del Partido Comunista / Hymn of the Communist Party
En nombre del grupo Trabajadores y Estudiantes Comunistas por el Cambio Social de Puerto Rico

Vol. 1, No. 2, July 2019
On the Latest Developments in the U.S. Working Class Movement
Revolutionary Approach to the Workers’ Struggle – Reviving the Transitional Program
Why “Transitional Demands” Are Not a Revolutionary Program
The Use of Identity Politics to Undermine the Left
Venezuela and U.S. Imperialism in Latin America
Put One More “S” in the U.S.A.
Ilhan Omar and the Anti-Imperialist Movement
China and Russia Are Allied to Contend with the USA
Artículo en Español
China y Rusia aliadas para disputar a EEUU

Vol. 1, No. 1, May 2019
Why “Towards Marxist-Leninist Unity”
Trump’s USA: No Country for Workers
In Praise of Communism
What is the Difference between a Communist Labor Organizer and a Communist Labor Activist?
The October Revolution and Some Lessons for Socialism in the U.S.
Two Lines on Oppressed Peoples
John Dennie, Presente!
Venezuelan Workers Mobilize to Defend Their Country
What Does the Situation in Venezuela Demand from Revolutionaries?
Sección en español
¿Qué exige la situación en Venezuela de los revolucionarios?
La sangre que sigue derramándose
El Che y Stalin

Open Letter of Resignation from the PCUSA

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