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Classics of Marxism-Leninism

Engels: Principles of Communism, 1847. (P) $3. A sort of prelude to the Communist Manifesto, written in question and answer form. Cover

Engels: Principios del Comunismo, 1847. (P) $3. Un preludio al Manifiesto Comunista, en la forma de preguntas y respuestas. Portada

Marx and Engels: Manifesto of the Communist Party, 1848. $6. Cover

Marx y Engels: Manifiesto del Partido Comunista, 1848. $6. Portada

Karl Marx: Preface and Introduction to a Contribution to the Critique of Political Economy. (P) $5. 1859. Cover

Marx: Wages, Price and Profit. $6. 1865. Cover

Marx: Salario, Precio y Ganancia. $6. 1865.Portada

Engels: The Housing Question. $6. 1873. A polemic with the followers of Proudhon, who considered the housing question as equivalent to the exploitation of labor power. Cover
Engels. Contribución al problema de la vivienda. $6. 1873. Una polémica con los seguidores de Proudhon, los cuales consideraron la problema de la vivienda como equivalente a la explotación de la fuerza laboral. Portada
Marx: Critique of the Gotha Programme. $6. 1875. Marx's critique of opportunist errors in the new programme of the German Social-Democrats. Cover Marx: Critica al programa de Gotha. $6. 1875. Critica de Marx sobre los errores oportunistas en la nueva programa de los social-demócratas alemanes. Portada.

Engels: Socialism: Utopian and Scientific, 1880. (P) $4. Cover

Engels: Del socialismo utópico al socialismo científico, 1880. (P) $4. Portada

Engels: The Origin of the Family, Private Property and the State, 1884. $8. Cover. This book shows that the, family, private property and the state are all historical categories that did not exist in all societies.
Engels: El origen de la familia, la propiedad privada y el estado, 1884. $8. Portada. Este libro muestra que la familia, la propiedad privada y el estado son todos categorías históricas que no existieron en todas las sociedades.

Engels: Anti-Dühring, 1894. $7. Cover

Engels: La revolución de la ciencia de Eugenio Dühring (“Anti-Dühring”). 1894. $7. Portada

Lenin:  On Strikes, 1899. (P)  $3. Cover

Lenin: Sobre las huelgas, 1899. (P) $3. Portada

Lenin: Early Writings, (P) $4. Cover
     To the Working Men and Women of the Thornton Factory, Leaflet, 1895

     The War in China, Article, Iskra newspaper, 1900
     The Drafting of 183 Students Into the Army, Article, Iskra newspaper, 1901
     Beat – But Not to Death!, Article, Zarya magazine, 1901

Volantes y artículos tempranos, V.I. Lenin, en español. (P) $4. Portada
     A los obreros y obreras de la fábrica Thornton, volante, 1895
      La guerra con China, artículo, periódico Iskra, 1900
      El alistamiento forzoso de 183 estudiantes, artículo, periódico Iskra, 1901
      Golpea duro, pero no mates, artículo, revista Zarya, 1901

Lenin: What Is To Be Done. 1902. $6.Cover. The famous book in which Lenin explained the teachings on the foundation of the party in Russia in opposition to economism.

Lenin: ¿Que Hacer? 1902. $6. Portada. El famoso libro de Lenin que explico las enseñanzas sobre la fundación del partido en Rusia y la lucha en contra del economismo. 

Lenin: One Step Forward, Two Steps Back, 1904. $10. This 227-page book details the early differences between the Bolsheviks and the Mensheviks. Cover

Lenin: Un paso adelante, dos atrás. $10. Este libro de 223 paginas explica en detalles las diferencias tempranos entre los bolcheviques y los mencheviques. Portada

Lenin: May Day, 1904. (P) $2.

Lenin: Primero de mayo, 1904. (P) $2.

Lenin: Two Tactics of Social-Democracy in the Democratic Revolution. $7. This 127 page book explains the differences between Bolsheviks and Mensheviks in the beginning of the 1905 revolution. Cover.

Lenin: Dos tácticas de la social democracia en la revolución democrática. $7. Este libro de 127 paginas explica las diferencia entre Bolcheviques y Mencheviques en la empieza de la revolución de 1905. Portada.

Lenin: Marxism and Revisionism, 1908. (P) $3. Cover

Lenin: Marxismo y revisionismo, 1908. (P) $3. Portada

Lenin: Materialism and Empirio-Criticism, 1908. $12. This 334 page book is one of the best Marxist works on philosophy, together with Engels' Anti-Dühring. It is meant for those who wish a serious study of philosophy, not for beginners. Cover

Lenin: Materialismo y empirio-criticismo, 1908. $12. Este libro de334 paginas es uno de las obras mas importante de la filosofía marxista, junto con el Anti-Duhring de Engels. Es escrito por los que quieren hacer una estudia seria de filosofía, no por los que empiezan. Portada.

Lenin: The Attitude of the Workers’ Party to Religion, 1909. (P) $3. Cover

Lenin: Actitud del partido obrero hacia la religión, 1909. (P) $3. Portada

Lenin: The Three Sources and Three Component Parts of Marxism, 1913. (P) $3. Cover

Lenin: Tres fuentes y tres partes integrantes del marxismo, 1913. (P) $3. Portada

Lenin: The Working Class and Neo-Malthusianism, 1913. (P) $3.

Lenin: On the National Pride of the Great Russians, 1914. (P) $4. Relevant today as different from Critical Race Theory. Cover

Lenin: El orgullo nacional de los rusos, 1914. (P) $4. Relevante hoy en día como diferente de la Teoría Crítica de la Raza. Portada.
Lenin: Reply to P. Kievsky (Y. Pyatakov), 1916. (P) $3. Cover. This little-known 6-page letter discusses the question of democracy in relation to socialism.
Lenin: Respuesta a P. Kievski (Y. Piatakov), 1916. (P) $3. Portada. Esta carta de 7 paginas, que no es bien conocida, explica la tema de democracia en relación al socialismo.

Lenin: A Caricature of Marxism and Imperialist Economism, 1916, $5. Cover

Lenin: Una caricatura del marxismo y el “economismo imperialista”, 1916, $5. Portada

Lenin: Imperialism and the Split in Socialism, 1916. (P) $3.Cover

Lenin: El imperialismo y la escisión del socialismo, 1916. (P) $3. Portada

Lenin: Imperialism, the Highest Stage of Capitalism, 1916. $6. Cover

Lenin: El imperialismo, fase superior del capitalismo, 1916. $6. Portada

Lenin: The Socialist Revolution and the Right of Nations to Self-Determination, 1916. (P) $3. Cover

Lenin: La revolución socialista y el derecho de las naciones a la autodeterminación, 1916. (P) $3. Portada

Lenin: On the National and Colonial Questions – Three Articles, 1916 & 1920. (P) $4. Cover

Lenin: Letters from Afar, March, 1917. $5. Cover. Five letters written by Lenin before his return to Russia, exposing in detail the role of the Provisional Government and of the opportunist parties supporting it.
Lenin: Cartas desde lejos, marzo, 1917. $5. Portada. Cinco cartas de Lenin antes de su regreso a Rusia, exponiendo en detalle el papel del Gobierno Provisional y el papel de los partidos oportunistas los cuales lo apoyaban.

Lenin: The Tasks of the Proletariat in the Present Revolution ("April Theses"), 1917. (P) $2. Cover

Lenin: Las tareas del proletariado en la presente revolución ("Tesis de Abril"), 1917. (P) $2.Portada

Lenin: The State and Revolution, 1917. $6. Cover

Lenin: El estado y la revolución, 1917. $6. Portada

Lenin: Letter to American Workers, 1918. (P) $3. Cover

Lenin: The Proletarian Revolution and the Renegade Kautsky, 1918. $6. Cover

Lenin: La revolución proletaria y el renegado Kautsky, 1918. $6. Portada

Lenin: The State, 1919. (P) $3. Cover

Lenin: El estado, 1919. (P) $3. Portada

Lenin: The Constituent Assembly Elections and the Dictatorship of the Proletariat, 1919. (P) $3. Cover

Lenin: Las elecciones a la asamblea constituyente y la dictadura del proletariado. 1919. (P) $3. Portada.

Lenin: “Left-Wing” Communism, An Infantile Disorder, 1920. $6. Cover

Lenin: La enfermedad infantil del “izquierdismo” en el comunismo, 1920. $6. Portada

Lenin on the Emancipation of Women. A selection of articles. $5. Cover

Lenin sobre la emancipación de la mujer. Una selección de articulos. $5. Portada

Stalin: Brevemente sobre las discrepancias en el partido, 1905. (P) $2. Portada

Stalin: Anarchism or Socialism, 1907. $4. Cover

Two  articles regarding elections:
Stalin: Muddle..., 1907 and
Lenin: The Results and Significance of the U.S. Presidential Elections
, 1912. (P). $3

Stalin: Marxism and the National Question, 1913. $5. Cover

Stalin: Marxismo y la Cuestión Nacional, 1913. $5 Portada

Stalin: The Foundations of Leninism, 1924. $6. Cover

Stalin: Los Fundamentos del Leninismo, 1924. $6. Portada

Stalin: The October Revolution and the Tactics of the Russian Communists, 1924. (P) $4. Cover

Stalin: La revolución de octubre y la táctica de los comunistas rusos. 1924. (P) $4. Portada

Stalin: Speeches on the American Communist Party, 1929. (P) $3. Cover

Stalin: Pleno conjunto del C.C. y de la C.C.C. del P.C. (b) de la U.R.S.S., 1933. $5. Portada

Stalin: Marxism vs. Liberalism, 1934. (P) $3. Cover Interview with H.G. Wells.

Stalin: Entrevista con el escritor inglés H. G. Wells. 1934. (P) $3. Portada.

Stalin: Mastering Bolshevism, 1937. (P) $4. Cover

Stalin: Sobre los defectos del trabajo del partido y sobre las medidas para liquidar a los elementos trotskistas y demás elementos de doble cara, 1937. (P) $4. Portada

Stalin: Dialectical and Historical Materialism, 1939. (P) $5. Cover

Stalin: Sobre el materialismo dialéctico y el materialismo histórico. 1939.(P) $5. Portada.

Stalin: From Socialism to Communism in the Soviet Union, 1939. (P) $5. Cover

Stalin: Economic Problems of Socialism in the U.S.S.R., 1952. $5.Cover

Stalin: Problemas Económicos del Socialismo en la URSS, 1952. $5. Portada

Readings in Leninism. This is a 4-volume set, first published in the U.S. in the 1930s, with extended quotes from the works of Marx, Engels, Lenin and Stalin on major questions of Marxist-Leninist theory. $6 each volume: 1) What Is Leninism? Cover. 2) The Theory of the Proletarian Revolution. Cover. 3) The Dictatorship of the Proletariat. Cover. 4) Strategy and Tactics. Cover.

Emile Burns (ed.) A Handbook of Marxism, 1935. $14. Cover. This 800-page book contains large sections (not just quotes) from major works of Marxism-Leninism, including the Communist Manifesto, Capital (Vol. 1), Anti-Dühring, Materialism and Empirio-Criticism, Imperialism, State and Revolution, "Left-Wing" Communism, Report to the 17th Congress of the CPSU(b) 1934, and the Program of the Communist International 1928. A useful work for those who want much of the basics of Marxism-Leninism in one volume.

History of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union (Short Course). This is the 400 page history, edited by a Commission of the Central Committee of the C.P.S.U.(B.), originally published in 1939. $10. Cover

Historia del P.C.U.S. La historia editado por una Comisión del CC del P.C.U.S. en 1939, en 400 páginas. $10. Portada

History of the Civil War in the U.S.S.R. Vol. 1. $14, 1936, 500 p. Not as ideological as the History of the CPSU(B), but includes many political details of the period from 1914 to October, 1917. Cover.

Historia de la Guerra Civil en la U.R.S.S., tomo 1, 1935, 532 paginas. Al momento solo en internet. Portada.

History of the Civil War in the U.S.S.R. Vol. 2. $18, 1946, 700 p. Many details, including military ones, from October to November, 1917. Includes dozens of pictures. Cover.

Historia de la Guerra Civil en la U.R.S.S., tomo 2. $15, 1936, casi 700 paginas No tan ideológico como la Historia del PCUS(b), pero incluye muchos detalles políticos sobre el periodo de 1914 hasta octubre de 1917. Portada .

Historia de la Guerra Civil en la U.R.S.S., tomo 3, 1958, 773 paginas. Al momento solo en internet. Portada.

Historia de la Guerra Civil en la U.R.S.S., tomo 4, 1959, 827 paginas. Al momento solo en internet. Portada.

Historia de la Guerra Civil en la U.R.S.S., tomo 5, 1960, 781 paginas. Al momento solo en internet. Portada.
History of the International Communist Movement, 1848-1917. Actually from the Communist Manifesto until the death of Marx. 1976. 162 pages. $6. Cover
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Other Marxist-Leninist Works
(in order of date of publication)

Organisation and Structure of the Communist Party, Communist International, 3rd Congress, 1921. (P) $3. Cover

Program of Action of the Red International of Labour Unions, by A. Lozovsky, 1921. Internet only.

Rosa Luxemburg's Views on the Russian Revolution, by Clara Zetkin:, 1922, $12 This 225 page book has ben translated into English for the first time. It shows how Luxemburg, in her actions in the German Revolution after her release from prison in November 1918 until her murder by soldiers in the pay of the Social-Democratic government in Germany in January 1919, in practice took the same positions as the Bolsheviks in the October Revolution. It is an important exposure of the Social-Democrats in Germany and around the world, who try to assert that Luxemburg was one of them.

J. Lenz, The Second International, 1932. Internet only. A fascinating history of the Second International, by one of the leaders of Communist Party of Germany. Although the tactics of the Communist International were to change a few years later, this book is a detailed exposure of both the open social patriots as well as the centrists in the Second International, as well as an explanation of the role of Lenin and other revolutionary leaders.

The Role of the Communist Party in the Proletarian Revolution. 1934. A reprint from the Communist Party of Great Britain of the Thesis of the Second Congress of the Communist International of 1920. (P). $3. Cover

V. Adoratsky: Dialectical Materialism, 1934. Internet only.

Fascism and the Social Revolution, by R. Palme Dutt, November, 1934. $13. Cover. This 321 page book was written by a leading member of the British Communist Party. Although it is superseded by Dimitrov's United Front, written a half-year later, it still contains worthwhile details on the development of fascism.

Trotskyism: Counter-Revolution in Disguise, by M.J. Olgin, 1935. $7. Cover. An excellent response to the major Trotskyite slanders against the Soviet Union and Stalin. It includes chapters on Socialism in One Country, The Revolution and the Peasantry, The Chinese Revolution, The German Situation and the Question of Social-Fascism, and more.

Trotskismo: Contrarrevolución disfrazada. M.J. Olgin. $7. Portada. Una excelente respuesta a las principales calumnias trotskista contra la Unión Soviética y Stalin. Incluye capítulos sobre el socialismo en un solo país, la revolución y el campesinado, la revolución china, la situación alemana y la cuestión del socialfascismo, y más. Traducido en español por primera vez por Trabajadores y Estudiantes Comunistas por el Cambio Social de Puerto Rico.

Why Communism? Plain Talks on Vital Problems, by M.J. Olgin, 1935. $5. Cover

The Communist Party: Manual on Organization, by J. Peters, 1935. $6. Cover

Political Economy: A Beginner's Course, by A. Leontiev, 1935. $6. Cover. This 232 page book is an excellent introduction to reading Marx's Capital. Besides covering some of the main topics in the first volume of Capital, it explains Lenin's analysis of imperialism and the question of crises, including data related to the crisis of the 1930s (the Great Depression). Economía Política: Curso para principantes, (versión original). A. Leontiev, 1935. $6. Portada, Eso es una traducción en español de parte de Ediciones Frente Cultural de México.
Versión 2. Lo mismo como el original, pero con citas de los clásicos del Marxismo-Leninismo de fuentes que pueden encontrar en el internet.

J.D. Bernal: Engels on Science, 1935. (P) $3. Cover. A 20 page pamphlet summarizing Engels application of dialectics to science.

The United Front, by Georgi Dimitrov, 1935-1937. $8. Cover. The famous speeches at the 7th Congress of the Communist International, this edition includes 18 other speeches and articles dealing with the application of the united front in various countries over the following two year.

La ofensiva del fascismo y las tareas de la Internacional en la lucha por la unidad
de la clase obrera contra el fascismo, y El fascismo es la guerra
, por 
Jorge Dimitrov. $5. Portada. Esa edición consiste solamente de los dos artículos en el titulo, aunque la edición en ingles tiene mas.
VII Congress of the Communist International, Abridged Stenographic Report. This 600 page report contains most (though not all) of the Speeches to the Congress. Internet only.

Constitution of the U.S.S.R. 1936. The so-called Stalin Constitution. (P) $3. Cover

Fifteen Years of Soviet Georgia, by Lavrenti Beria, 1936. (P) $3. Cover

On Contradiction, by Mao Tsetung. 1937. (P). $4. A 42 p. pamphlet. Cover

On Practice, by Mao Tsetung. 1937. (P). $3. A 16 p. pamphlet. Cover

The Story of Soviet Progress, by Corliss Lamont. 1938. This 36 page pamphlet gives a short summary of the achievements of the Soviet Union. $6. Cover

What is Marxism?, by Emile Burns, 1939. $5. Cover. A very good summary for beginners of the basics of Marxism-Leninism in 74 pages.

Textbook of Marxist Philosophy, by M. Shirokov, 1941. $8. Cover. This 400 page book was prepared by the Leningrad Institute of Philosophy and is a comprehensive exposition of dialectical and historical materialism.

Culture in a Changing World, by V.J. Jerome. 1945, $6. Cover. Although this 73 page book is written in a somewhat abstract style, it is a very useful work on a Marxist view of culture. The author was the editor of the Communist Party magazine, Political Affairs.
Marxism and Modern Idealism, by John Lewis. 1945. A brief, 50 page booklet that gives a clear explanation of dialectical materialism versus idealism. Internet only.

On the Struggle Against Revisionism, Communist Party, U.S.A., 1946. $6. Cover. The fight against Browderism in the struggle to re-establish the CPUSA. Important lessons for today.

Marcel Cachin: Science and Religion, 1946. (P) $3. Cover

Communism versus Opportunism, by Fergus McKean. 1946. $10. Cover. This 290 page book is by a former leading member of the Communist Party of Canada and describes his fight against revisionism during and after World War II.

Marxist Glossary, L. Harry Gould, 1948. $5. Cover. An 82 page book containing definitions and explanations of common Marxist terms, many including brief quotes from Marx, Engels, Lenin and Stalin further elucidating how these terms have been used.

Dialectical Materialism and Science, Maurice Cornforth, 1949. Internet only

Handbook of Philosophy, by M. Rosenthal and P. Yudin. 1949. $7. Cover. An alphabetical index of philosophical terms, with enough cross-references to get a rudimentary idea of dialectical materialist philosophy, in 172 pages.

An Elementary Course in Philosophy, by George Politzer. 1950. $7. Cover.  The first part of the work of the French Marxist philosopher, put together by his students after he was executed by the Nazis in occupied France in 1942.

Principios elementales y fundamentales de filosofía, George Politzer. $10. Portada. La versión completa del libro del filosofo marxista, compilado por sus estudiantes después de su ejecución por los nazis en Francia ocupado en 1942.

Readers' Guide to the Marxist Classics, 1952, prepared and edited by Maurice Cornforth. Internet only.

Materialism and the Dialectical Method, Maurice Cornforth, 1953. A very readable explanation of dialectical materialism in 122 pages. This is the original edition of the book, before revisionist editorial changes. $6. Cover

Historical Materialism, Maurice Cornforth, 1954. The second volume of the above work. It is also the original edition of the book, before revisionist editorial changes. $7. Cover

The Theory of Knowledge, Maurice Cornforth, 1955. The third volume of the above work. It is also the original edition of the book, before revisionist editorial changes. $7. Cover

History of the Three Internationals, William Z. Foster, 1955. $10. Cover. This 458 page book contains Foster's detailed description of the work of the First, Second and Third Internationals.

Political Economy - A Textbook. This 620 page book is the English translation of the second, revised edition of the Soviet textbook from 1955. $20. Cover

Manual de Economía Política. Eso libro de 765 pags. es la traducción del primero edición del libro de texto de 1954. $25 Portada

One can compare the English and Spanish books above to see the difference between the 1954 version and the 1955 revised version.
Se puede comparar los libros en ingles y español para ver la diferencia entre la version de 1954 y la version revisada de 1955.
The Munich Conspiracy. Andrew Rothstein. 1958. Cover. This 670 page book provides a very detailed account, by a leading member of the Communist Party of Great Britain, of how the ruling classes of Britain and France sold out Czechoslovakia to the Nazis in in 1938. Internet only.
Reader in Marxist Philosophy, edited by Howard Selsam and Harry Martel. Originally published in 1963, this edition was reprinted in India in 2010. This 378-page book contains lengthy selection from the works of Marx, Engels and Lenin, organized by topics. Internet only.

Fundamentals of Marxism-Leninism, by a group led by O.V. Kuusinen. 1963. Although the beginning sections of this book have some straight-forward accounts of dialectical materialist philosophy and political economy, the sections dealing with socialism are full of Khrushchevite revisionist distortions of Marxism-Leninism. Internet only.

The Negro National Colonial Question, Nelson Peery, 1972. $6. Cover. This 200 page book contains a forthright defense of the Marxist analysis that there is an African-American nation in the Black Belt south with the right to self-determination. It contains many maps and statistics to back up this position.

Fundamentals of Political Economy, 1974. Also known as the Shanghai Textbook. This book shows the Chinese view of political economy during Mao's era. There is also a lengthy critique and cover of this book from a Marxist-Leninist perspective. Internet only.
Study Handbook of Marxism-Leninism Mao Tsetung Thought, by Canadian Communist League (M-L).
A 320-page book of quotes on various topics of Marxism-Leninism. 1978. $10. Cover
Albania Challenges Khrushchev Revisionism, 1979. $14. Cover. This 330 page book contains Hoxha's 1960 speech at the 1960 meeting of 81 communist and workers' parties, in which Hoxha made the first public speech criticizing Khrushchev revisionism, The book also contains background material, including Hoxha's discussion about the speech to the Central Committee of the Party of Labor of Albania before and after the meeting.
Hoxha's Speech at the Meeting of 81 Communist and Workers’ Parties in Moscow. $6. Cover. The above 53 page speech, without the additional materal.

Imperialism  and the Revolution, by Enver Hoxha. 1979. $10. Cover. This 300 page book contains an exposure, not only of U.S. imperialism, but also Soviet social-imperialism and Chinese imperialism. Although it is overall excellent, it does have errors, including its evaluation of Cuba.

The Khrushchevites, by Enver Hoxha. 1980. $10. Cover. This 268 p. book contains memoirs by the Albanian Marxist-Leninist leader of the revisionist leaders of the Soviet Union and eastern European countries after Stalin's death.

With Stalin, by Enver Hoxha. 1981. $6. Cover. Hoxha's account of his five meetings with Stalin. Also detaills of his discussion with Greek comrades about the Civil War in that country.

The Titoites, by Enver  Hoxha. 1982. $15. Cover. This 585 p. bookcontains a detailed account of Titoite revisionism and its plots against against Albania. Titoite Yugoslavia became the first example of revisionism in power.

History of the Party of Labour of Albania, 1982. $15. Cover. This 600 page book is the official history of the heroic socialist country in Europe, including its fight against Titoite, Khrushchevite and Chinese revisionism.

Reflections on the Middle East, 1958-1983, by Enver Hoxha. $12. Cover. This 325 page book contains Hoxha's memoirs on the struggle of the Palestinian people against Israel and U.S. imperialism, of the people of Iran against the Shah and U.S. imperialism, and of the Afghan people against Soviet social-imperialism.
Booklet containing articles from the 2023 International Seminar: Problems of the Revolution in Latin America. $7. Cover.
Folleto con articulos del Seminario Internacional de 2022: Problemas de la Revolucion en America Latina: $7. Portada.
Several articles from the 2022 International Seminar: Problems of the Revolution in Latin America:
Brazil: Revolutionary Communist Party
Dominican Republic: Communist Party of Labor
Ecuador: Marxist-Leninist Communist Party
Ecuador: Mariano Santos
Mexico: Communist Party (Marxist-Leninist)
Peru: Communist Party Marxist-Leninist
Peru: Anti-Fascist Anti-Imperialist Popular Front
Algunos articulos del Seminario Internacional de 2022: Problemas de la Revolucion en America Latina:
Brasil: Partido Comunista Revolucionario (en Portugues)
Ecuador: Partido Comunista Marxista-Leninista
Ecuador: Mariano Santos
Mexico: Partido Comunista (Marxista-Leninista)
Peru: Partido Comunista Marxista-Leninista
Peru: Frente Popular Anti-Imperialista Anti-Fascista
Republica Dominicana: Partido Comunista del Trabajo
Unity & Struggle #47. November 2023. $7. Cover. Journal of the International Conference of M-L Parties and Organizations (ICMLPO). Unidad y Lucha #47. Noviembre 2023. $7. Portada. Revista de la Conferencia Internacional de Partidos y Organizaciones M-L (CIPOML).
Unity & Struggle #46. May 2023. $7. Cover.
Unidad y Lucha #46. Mayo 2023. $7. Portada.

Unity & Struggle.
Some earlier issues are available from Red Star Publishers for $2 to cover mailing costs.
Please check with webmaster at email address above. The contents of earlier issues can be seen at:

Unidad y Lucha.
Algunos numeros anteriores estan disponibles por $2 para cubrir el costo de correo.
Favor de contactar el maestro del sitio al correo electronico arriba. Los contenidos de numeros anteriores se puede ver en:

Revolutionary Democracy, October 2023. $7. This ML journal from India contains information on the revolutionary movement in India, China, Russia and other countries, as well as on historical questions of the international communist movement. Only the contents and pictures are available here. To see the contents in html format, go to
Revolutionary Democracy, April 2023. $7.

Revolutionary Democracy.
A few earlier issues are available for $2 to cover mailing costs. 
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The June [2022] Shutdown in Ecuador. Cover. This 40 page printed pamphlet includes full-color pictures. $6. The uprising, started by the indigenous people, was joined by major trade unions, women, youth and others. The main cause was the rise in prices, particularly of oil. After 18 days, and at the cost of at least 6 dead and hundreds of wounded and arrested, the government gave in to the main demands.
Paro de junio [2022]  en Ecuador. Portada. Este panfleto de 40 paginas incluye los fotos en color. $6. El levantamiento empezó con el movimiento indígena pero estaba juntado por sindicatos, mujeres, jóvenes, etc. La causa principal era el alto precio de productos, particularmente petroleo. Gano del gobierno casi todas las demandas.

PCOF: For a Revolutionary Break with the System. 2020. $6. Cover. A 123 p. detailed analysis of he struggles of the French workers and people against neoliberal attacks, It makes clear that revolutionary movements can develop in an imperialist countries, not just in oppressed countries.

Pablo Miranda: The Indigenous and Popular Uprising (in Ecuador), a Victory over Neoliberalism, October 2019, 66 p. $5. Cover. A detailed description of the uprising that set back the neoliberal plans of the government.

Pablo Miranda: Levantamiento indígena popular (en Ecuador), victoria sobre el neoliberalismo. Octubre, 2019. $5. Portada. Una descripción detallada del levantamiento que retrasó los planes neoliberales del gobierno. 

Pablo Miranda: The Class Nature of the Communist Party, 2014, reprinted in 2022. (P). Cover. $3.
Pablo Miranda: Naturaleza de clase del partido comunista, 2014, reimprimido en 2022. (P). Portada. $3.
En Marcha, Ecuador: On the 100th Anniversary of V. I. Lenin’s Death, 2024. With pictures in color: $6; in b&w, $4. Cover.
En Marcha, Ecuador: En el centenario de la muerte de V. I. Lenin, 2024. Con pinturas en color: $6, en blanco y negro, $4. Portada.
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Soviet Union, from or about

A.F. Kostin: Lenin and the "Leagues of Struggle", Chapter Two on the St. Petersburg League of Struggle, (P) $4. Cover

A.F. Kostin: Lenin and the "Leagues of Struggle", Chapter Five on the foundation of the RSDLP of the above book. (P) $4. Cover

Alexandra Kollontai: Communism and the Family, 1918. (P) $3. A 15 page pamphlet on how the family will change under communism. Cover

Clara Zetkin: Lenin on the Woman Question. (P) $4. Cover

John Reed: Diez días que estremecieron al mundo,1919, en español. El famoso libre sobre la revolución rusa. 336 págs. Solamente por internet. Portada

William Z. Foster: The Russian Revolution, 1921 $7. Cover. An early description of the Russian revolution by the revolutionary trade union leader who later became General Secretary of the Communist Party.

A. Lozovsky: Program of Action of the Red International of Labour Union, Sections XIX to XXIII, 1921. (P) $3. Cover

Clara Zetkin: Women, Marriage & Sex, 1925. (P) $3. From Reminiscences of Lenin. Cover

The Road to  Life (An Epic of Education), A.S. Makarenko. This 3-volume set is an autobiographical novel describing the formation of the Gorky Colony in the Soviet Union in the 1920s, which Makarenko headed. After the Civil War, homeless youth roamed the country. The colony successfully integrated them into the new socialist life through collective labor and self-discipline. $6 each volume. Volume 1, cover; Volume 2, cover; Volume 3, cover.

The Bolsheviks in the Tsarist Duma, A. Badayev, 1929. This 200 page book gives a detailed account of how the 6 Bolshevik deputies, of which Badayev was one, functioned in the Tsarist Duma from 1912-1914, when at the outbreak of World War I they were all arrested and exiled to Siberia. $7. Cover

Wreckers on Trial. The trial of the Industrial Party, Moscow, December-November, 1930. This was a group of engineers and others who plotted sabotage against Soviet industry. They confessed but received death sentences, which were commuted to prison terms. Several later loyally served Soviet development. With a forward by Andrew Rothstein. Internet only.

Soviet Union, Land without Unemployment: In Pictures. 1931. This 200 page book contains hundreds of pictures on all facets of Soviet life, with captions in English, en español and en français. The foreword and 15 page epilogue on the Five-Year Plan by Alfred Kurella are only in English. $6. Cover

I Wonder as I Wander (excerpts), Langston Hughes. Internet only. Although published in 1954, several chapters of this autobiography describe Hughes's experiences of his year spent in the Soviet Union in 1932-1933. He spent much of his time in Central Asia to see how the non-white people there were treated. (He also has some amusing descriptions of Arthur Koestler just before he publicly broke with communism.) Also included is a chapter on Hughes's experience in Spain for several months in 1937.
A Negro Looks at Soviet Central Asia, Langston Hughes, 1934. $6. Cover. This 64-page pamphlet, barely known in the U.S., describes in more historical than autobiographical form Hughes' travels through Soviet Central Asia as in I Wonder as I Wander, with positive comparisons of Soviet Central Asia to the degradation of the U.S. South. (It is also not copyrighted so we can freely reprint it.).
How the Steel Was Tempered. 1933. An autobiographical novel by a young worker in the civil war. Published in the US under the title "The Making of a Hero." Internet only. Cover.
Así se templó el acero. 1933. Una novela autobiográfica de un joven trabajador en la guerra civil. Solamente en internet. Portada.

Maxim Gorki: Days With Lenin, 1932. (P) $4. This 44 page pamphlet describes Gorky's meetings with Lenin and others over the years. Cover

Maxim Gorky: On Guard for the Soviet Union. Published 1933. $6. Cover. A sries of essays defending the Soviet Union. His essays were cited in the Moscow treason trials as one of the reasons that Trotsky wanteed to have him assassinated, as Gorky's essays were attracting a lof of support for the Soviet Union from youth in the captalist countries.
Maxim Gorky: Culture for the People. Published 1939. $6. Cover. A series of polemical essays essays on culture.

Wrecking Activities at Power Stations in the Soviet Union, Vol. I. 1933. First of 3 volumes of the transcript of the so-called Metro-Vickers trial, of British subjects and their Soviet accomplices, found guilty of wrecking and espionage activities. The British subjects, when they were released and returned to Britain, stated clearly that they were not subject to any form of torture or undue pressure. Unfortunately that document, formerly at, is no longer on the internet. Internet only

Wrecking Activities at Power Stations in the Soviet Union, Vol. 2. 1933. Second of 3 volumes of above transcript. Internet only

Wrecking Activities at Power Stations in the Soviet Union, Vol. 3. 1933. Last of 3 volumes of above transcript. Internet only

Why Soviet Russia Should Be Recognized, Friends of the Soviet Union, 1933. (P) $3. Cover

Belomor: $12. Cover. The White Sea-Baltic Canal was constructed with prison labor. This 1935 book, by a team of Soviet writers led by Gorky, shows how kulaks and other wreckers were transformed through labor.
Russian Justice. $8. Cover. This 1935 book by noted American penologist Mary Stevenson Callcott, describes how the Soviet prison system was designed for rehabilitation, not punishment.
I Change Worlds: The Remaking of an American, Anna Louise Strong. 1935. Internet only. Strong spent almost 25 years in the Soviet Union as a sympathetic journalist. The book also has some mention of the "party maximum," which apparently still existed at that time.
This Soviet World, Anna Louise Strong, 1936. $8. Cover. This 170-page book discusses various aspects of life in the Soviet Ubion.

Anna Razumova: Russian Women in the Building of Socialism, 193?. (P) $3. Cover

M.J. Olgin: The Soviets on the Threshold of the Twentieth Year, 1936. (P) $3. Cover

Moscow, 1937. A sympathetic but not uncritical description of the Soviet Union by the well-known German author Lion Feuchtwanger. It includes his evaluation of the second of the famous Moscow treason trials. Included in this edition is the evaluation of the book in the journal of the Communist International. $6. Cover

A. A. Heller: One Sixth of the World. 1937. (P) $3. Cover

A. S. Makarenko: Lectures to Parents, 1937. (P) $3. Cover

S. Uranov: Espionage,  1937. (P) $3. Cover

Women in the Soviet East, Fannina W. Halle. 1938. Internet only. A very valuable book describing the introduction of sociallism i the Soviett East. (The first chapters, on Matriarchy and Patriarchy, while  interesting, deal with the pre-Soviet period.) There are a series of good pictures at the end.

G. N. Doidjashvili: Soviet Georgia – A Living Example of the Lenin-Stalin National Policy, 1939. (P) $3. Cover

Soviet Policy and Its Critics, by J.R. Campbell. 1939. $7. Cover. This 329 page book by a leading member of the Communist Party of Britain is mainly an exposure of Trotskyism, both in its anti-Leninist theory and its counter-revolutionary practice.

The USSR and Finland, Historical, Economic, Political Facts and Documents. 1939. A background to the Soviet Finnish war. Internet only.

War and Peace in Finland, by Soviet Russia Today, 1940. A detailed explanation of the reasons for the Soviet-Finish war of 1939-1940, with a background of Finland's situation from its independence after the October Revolution. Internet only.

The Soviet Power: The Soviet Sixth of the World, Hewlett Johnson, 1940. $12. Cover. A sympathetic account by the Dean of Canterbury, of the building of socialism in the Soviet Union. Johnson sees socialism as the actual fulfillment of the principles of true Christianity.

I. Mintz: October Days 1917, 1940. (P) $5. Cover

M. Chekalin: The Renaissance of Nationalities and the Consolidation of Nations in the U.S.S.R., 1940. (P) $2. Cover

Four books by D. N. Pritt. Pritt was a left-wing Member of Parliament from the Labour Party, but was expelled from the Labour Party for supporting Russia in its war with Finland in 1939-1940. He was an independent Labour MP until 1940.
Light on Moscow, 1940, 140 p. $8. Cover A good explanation, especially useful for those new ro socialism, of the role of the Soviet Union during the period of the non-aggression pact with Germany.
Must the War Spread? 1940, 219 p. $10.
Russia is for Peace, 1951, 100 p. $7. Cover
The Fall of the French Republic, 1940, 140 p. $8. Cover Discusses the role of French imperialism from World War I to its collapse with the Nazi invasion of June 1940. It includes a lengthy discussion of the Popular Front and its betrayal.
The State Department and the Cold War, A commentary on its publication, “Nazi-Soviet Relations, 1939-1941”. 1948, 93 p. $7. Cover

Anna Louise Strong: The New Lithuania, 1941. $5. Cover

The Soviets Expected It, Anna Louise Strong, 1941. $6. Cover. This 178 page book deals not only with the beginning of the German war on the Soviet Union, but also the background to the war and the development of Soviet industry.

Behind the Urals, John Scott, 1942, Internet only. This book is by a non-communist U.S. worker who spent five years helping to build the Magnitogorsk iron and steel plant. He gives an interesting account of the conditions in the plant at that time.

Joseph E. Davies: Excerpts from Mission to Moscow concerning the Moscow Trials, 1943. (P) $3. Cover

Mission to Moscow, Joseph E. Davies, 1943. Internet only.

USSR: The Story of Soviet Russia, Walter Duranty, 1944. Internet only.  Duranty was the long-time Moscow correspondent for the New York Times. Although he was not a Marxist, he did provide a relatively object account of events in the Soviet Union.

Philip Farr, Soviet Russia and the Baltic Republics, 1944. (P) $3. Cover

Michael Sayers and Albert Kahn, The Great Conspiracy against Russia, 1946. $12. Cover. This classic book explains the imperialist and Trotskyite conspiracies against the Soviet Union.

Michael Sayers y Albert Kahn, La Gran Conspiración contra Rusia, 1946. $12. Portada. Este libro clasico explica las conspiraciones imperialistas y trotskistas contra la Unión Sovietica.

A. Zhdanov: The International Situation, 1947. (P) $3. Cover

A. Zhdanov: Soviet Music, 1948. (P) $3. Cover

A. Zhdanov: History of Philosophy, 1948. (P) $3. Cover

M.B. Mitin: Soviet Democracy and Bourgeois Democracy, 1949. (P) $3. Cover

Corliss Lamont: Soviet Russia and the Post-War World, 1943. (P) $3. Cover

Harry F. Ward: Soviet Democracy, 1947. (P) $4. Cover

Andrew Rothstein: Man and Plan in Soviet Economy, 1948. A detailed account of Soviet planning. Internet only.

Paul Robeson: The Negro People and the Soviet Union, 1950. (P) $3. Cover

Steel and Slag, Vladimir Popov, 1951. $7. Cover. This is a 284 page socialist realist novel that takes place in a steel mill in the Ukraine that had to relocate to the Urals during World War II. It deals with the transformation of people under adversity, some becoming hardened as steel, some degenerating into slag. 

Russia and America, W.E.B. Du Bois, 1950. This is an unpublished manuscript. While it is valuable for its description of the Soviet Union, which Du Bois visited several times, it is not a Marxist view, particularly in its positive treatment of militarist Japan before World War II. Internet only.

History of the U.S.S.R., Andrew Rothstein, 1950. $10. Cover. A 400-page history by a leading member of the then-revolutionary Communist Party of Britain. This gives many details of the economic and political history of the Soviet Union not included in the History of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union.

We Saw for Ourselves. Report of the Nineteen Americans on Their Visit to the USSR. 1951. $6. Cover. A description of the Soviet Union by 19 Americans, 9 black and 10 white, including 3 ministers.

Soviets in Central Asia, by W.P. & Zelda K. Coates, 1951. This 300 page book documents the history of Central Asia from Tsarist times to the political, economic and cultural development under Soviet power. A valuable resource showing how the people in these republics improved their lives under socialism. Internet only.

Andrew Rothstein: Stalin, Story of a Great Servant of Mankind Who Belongs to the Ages, 1953. (P) $3. Cover

A People Reborn, the Story of North Ossetia, edited by Andrew Rothstein, 1954. A report by a British delegation on a visit to the Autonomous Republic in the North Caucasus. Internet only.

The Munich Conspiracy, by Andrew Rothstein. 1958. Internet only.

From Harry Haywood: Black Bolshevik, Chapters on the Soviet Union, 1978
Chapter 5: A Student in Moscow, Cover 5 (P) $3.
Chapter 6: Trotsky's Day in Court, Cover 6 (P) $3.
Chapter 7: The Lenin School, Cover 7 (P) $3.
Chapter 8: Self-Determination: The Fight for a Correct Line, Cover 8 (P) $3.
Chapter 9:  Sixth Congress of the Comintern:  A Blow Against the Right, Cover 9 (P) $3.
Chapter 10: Lovestone Unmasked, Cover 10  (P) $3.
Chapter 11: My Last Year in the Soviet Union, Cover 11 (P) $3.
Chapter 14: Reunion in Moscow, Cover 14 (P) $3.

Bill Bland: The Restoration  of Capitalism in the Soviet Union. 1980. $10. Cover. This 304 page book details the restoration of capitalism under Khrushchev and Brezhnev, relying mainly on Soviet sources.

Vitaly Startsev: How the Soviets Were Formed. 1982. $6. Cover. A short book detailing the role of the Soviets from the 1905 revolution to October 1917. It emphasizes Lenin's statement that the Soviets were formed by the workers themselves.

Fraud, Famine and Fascism: The Ukrainian Genocide Myth from Hitler to Harvard, Douglas Tottle, 1987. $7. Cover

Felix Dzherzinsky: A Biography, Progress Publishers, Moscow, 1988. Internet only

Bill Bland: The ‘Cult of the Individual’, 1991. (P) $3. Cover

Harpal Brar: Stalin and the Role of the Peasantry, 1991 (P) $3. Cover

Harpal Brar: Stalin and the ‘Cult of the Personality’, 1991. (P) $3. Cover

Harpal Brar: Preface to Trotskyism or Leninism, 1993.$5. Cover. This preface contains many quotes from Trotsky and Lenin showing that they held opposing views for most of the period before and after the Bolshevik revolution. 

Harpal Brar: Prefacio al Trotskismo o Leninismo. 1993. $5. Portada. Este prefacio contiene muchas citas de Trotsky y Lenin, que muestran que ellos tuvieron posiciones opuestas por mucho del periodo antes y después de la revolución bolchevique.

Moni Guha: Collapse of Socialism, 1993. (P) $3. Cover

Mario Sousa: Lies Concerning the History of the Soviet Union . (P) $4. Cover

Sovietica, Irina Malenko. This is a three-volume novel, about 500 pages each, the first volume of which is mostly about life in the former Soviet Union. The first volume is available for $20 from Red Star.

Pablo Miranda: Stalin, 2012. (P) $3. Cover

Pablo Miranda: Stalin, 2012. (P) $2. En español. Portada

Blood Lies: The Evidence that Every Accusation against Joseph Stalin and the Soviet Union in Timothy Snyder's Bloodlands Is False, by Grover Furr, 2014, 581 pages, $25.

Ekaterina Blinova: Unveiling Lies of the Cold War; What Lay Beneath Anti-Soviet Myths. 2015. $5. Cover. This 66 page booklet consists  of articles originally published in (except for one publlished in,.

gg Winter. Last Days of the USSR. $10. Cover. A description of the U.S.S.R. by the leader of a tour of women trade unionists during the Gorbachev era. A 192 page book with many full-color pictures.

La URSS: Desmintiendo la propaganda burguesa. Recopilación de archives para desmentir la propaganda burguesa en contra de la Unión de Repúblicas Socialistas Soviéticas desde 1922 hasta 1945. Publicada por Colectivo Dos de Febrero. Mas de 300 paginas en tamaño de 8.5" x 11". $12.
Stalin: Waiting For ... The Truth!, by Grover Furr. This 360-page book exposes the falsehoods in Stephen Kotkin’s Stalin. Waiting for Hitler, 1929-1941. $25 + $5 shipping. Click on title for details.
When and Why Socialism in the Soviet Union Failed. Cover. Originally written by the KPD(ML) of Germany in 1996, it is translated into English for the first time in 2020. Print edition: $8. This 217 page book is an attempt from a Marxist-Leninist viewpoint to get at the roots of the development of revisionism in the Soviet Union, beyond saying that "Khrushchev was a traitor" (though he was). Despite a number of political errors, it is one of the few attempts to deal with this question,which is of utmost importance to the communist movement. Cuando y porqué el socialismo en la Unión Soviética fracasó. Portada. Escrito originalmente por el KPD(ML) de Alemania en 1966, esta traducido en español por primera vez en 2021. Edición imprimida: $8. Este libro de 207 páginas es un esfuerzo de una perspectiva marxista-leninista de explicar las raíces del desarrollo del revisionismo en la Unión Soviética, mas allá que decir que "Jrushchov era traidor" (aunque sí era). A pesar de unos errores políticas, es uno de los pocos esfuerzos de tratar con este tema, que es de suma importancia por el movimiento comunista.
Wann und warum der Sozialismus in der Sowjetunion scheiterte. The above book in the original German. Internet  only.
Volume 2: A controversial discussion about socialism. Discussion of the above book by various political forces in Germany. Only on internet. This is a rough translation from the German (particularly of the shaded phrases).
Band 2: Eine kontroverse Diskussion über den Sozialismus. Diskussion über das obengenannte Buch durch verschiedene politische Kräfte. Nur im Internet.
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Other Socialist Countries

Anna Louise Strong: Inside Liberated Poland, 1944. (P) $4. Cover

Anna Louise Strong: In North Korea, 1949. (P) $4. Cover
Documents on the Mindszenty Case, 1949. Additional material on the Mindszenty case from before the trial. Internet only.
The Trial of Jozsef Mindszenty, Budapest, 1949. Transcript of the trial of Cardinal Mindszenty and his accomplices, found guilty of plotting to overthrow the Hungarian government. They had even made up a list of cabinet members, supporters of the Hapsburg empire, who would form a future government.  They also  recognized that such a government could only come to power through a U.S. occupation as the result of a third world war. Internet only.
Laszlo Rajk and His Accomplices before the People’s Court, Budapest. 1949. Laszlo Rajk and his accomplices were found guilty of trying to overthrow the People's Democratic government in Hungary, working for the Titoites and through them Anglo-American imperialism. This was at the time of the U.S. strategy of "rollback communism," which authorized "preventive direct action, including sabotage, anti-sabotage, demolition, and evacuation measures," as well as "subversion against hostile states, including assistance to underground resistance movements, guerrillas, and refugee liberation groups." Internet only.
D.N. Pritt: Light on Korea, 1950. (P) $3. Cover
Warmongers Unmasked: History of Cold War in Germany, Wilfred Burchett. 1950. Internet only. Although this book is dated, it has valuable historical material on how the Western powers were the ones responsible for the division of Germany.
People’s Democracies, Wilfred Burchett. 1951. This 265 page book by the Australian journalist (mostly known from movies showing the only Westerner travelling with the NLF of Vietnam) describes his experience reporting from Eastern Europe in the early post-World War II period. $10. Cover
Proceedings of the Trials of Slansky, et al in Prague, Czechoslovakia, 1952. The transcript of the trial of the Czechoslovak Titoists. Among other things, they were tried for weakening the economy by developing light over heavy industry and making the country dependent on capitalist countries(see particularly the testimony of Frejka). Ironically, a few years later, the Khrushchevites carried out similar policies. Internet only.

Rumanian Summer, Jack Lindsay with Maurice Cornforth. 1953. $6. Cover. This 170 page book, with pictures, gives a portrait of the Rumanian  People's Democracy before the advent of revisionism.

This Monstrous War, Wilfred Burchett. 1953. $7. Cover. This 288 page book presents the Korean War and the armistice negotiations from the side of the Korean People's Army and the Chinese People's Volunteers. When this book was sent to the United States in late 1953, it was seized by the U.S. Customs and dumped into the ocean, so this is the first time it is available in the U.S.

Koje Unscreened, Wilfred G. Burchett, 1953?.On the treatment of Korean and Chinese prisoners in the notorious U.S.-run prison camp during the Korean War. Internet only.

When Serfs Stood Up in Tibet, Anna Louise Strong. $7. Cover. This 230 page book, by a member of the first group of outside correspondents to visit after the suppression of the counter-revolution in 1959, is a fascinating account, based on many conversations with former serfs.

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Communist Party, USA & Other US

Harrison George: The Bolsheviki and the I.W.W., 1918. (P) $3. Cover

William Z Foster: Bankruptcy of the American Labor Movement, 1922. (P) $5. Cover

Earl Browder: Unemployment: Why It Occurs and How to Fight It, 1924. (P) $3. Cover

C. E. Ruthenberg: The Workers [Communist] Party: What It Stands For, Why Workers Should Join, 1925. (P) $32. Cover

Resolutions of the Comintern on the Negro Question, 1928 & 1930. (P) $3. Cover

On the Road to Bolshevization, 1929. (P) $3. Cover

Three Articles from the Communist Party in the 1930s on the Afro-American National Question. (P) $3. Cover

Alexander Trachtenberg: The History of May Day, 1932. (P) $3. Cover

Mike Gold: Why I am a Communist, 1932. (P) $3.

William Z, Foster: Toward Soviet America, 1932. Internet only. Although some of his views were outdated by the need for a United Front against Fascism, this book has valuable information, particularly on the role of the Socialist Party.

Harry Haywood: The Struggle for the Leninist Position on the Negro Question in the U.S.A., 1933. (P) $3. Cover

League of Struggle for Negro Rights: Equality, Land and Freedom, A Program for Liberation, 1933. (P) $4. Cover

Harrison George: A Noon-Hour Talk on the Communist Party, 193?. (P) $3. Cover

What is the International Labor Defense?, 1934. (P) $3. Cover

William F. Dunne & Morris Childs: Permanent Counter-Revolution - The Role of the Trotzkyites in the Minneapolis Strikes, 1934. $5. Cover

William F. Dunne: Why Hearst Lies About Communism?, 1935. (P) $5. Cover

The Negro Question in the United States, by James S. Allen, 1936. A detailed explanation of why African-Americans in the Black Belt formed a nation. Internet only.

For a United Front May Day!, 1936. (P) $3.

William Z. Foster: The Crisis in the Socialist Party, 1936. (P) $5. Cover

Alex Bittelman: Trotsky the Traitor, 1937. (P) $4. Cover

William Z. Foster: Communism versus Fascism, 1941. (P) $3. Cover

Henry Wallace: Tribute to Russia, 1942. (P) $3. Cover

William Z. Foster: The Crime of el Fanguito, 1948. (P) $3. Cover. On a notorious slum in Puerto Rico.

James S. Allen: Marshall Plan – Recovery or War, 1948. (P) $5. Cover

In Defense of the Indicted Communist Party Leaders, William Z. Foster, 1949. Internet only

Elizabeth Gurley Flynn: Labor’s Own William Z. Foster, 1949. (P) $4. Cover

An End to the Neglect of the Problems of the Negro Woman!, Claudia Jones, 1949. A comradely criticism of progressives, including other Communists, by a leading Black Communist Woman. (P) $4. Cover

On Guard against Browderism, Titoism, Trotskyism, John Gates, 1951. (P) $3. Cover

The Heritage of Sen Katayama. Reprint from the Communist Party's journal Political Affairs from 1975. Katayama was not only a founding member of the Communist Party of Japan, but took part in the communist movements in Mexico, Canada and the U.S. (P) $3. Cover

From Harry Haywood: Black Bolshevik, Chapters on the Afro-American National Question, 1978
4: An Organization of Revolutionaries
. (P) $3. Cover 4

Chapter 12: Return Home: White Chauvinism Under Fire. (P) $3. Cover 12
Harry Haywood: Black Bolshevik, 1978. Internet only. In archives of Revolutionary Democracy journal.

Black and Red: The Role of Communists in the Black Liberation Movement. 2015. (P) $4. Cover. A 31-page reprint of short articles from African-American Communists.

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U.S. Workers' Struggles

William F. Dunne: The Revolutionary Role of Worker Correspondents [1927]. (P) $3. Cover

The Trade Union Unity League, n.d. [1929?]. (P) $3. Cover

William F. Dunne: Gastonia, 1929. $5.  Cover

William F. Dunne: The Great San Francisco General Strike, 1934. $5. Cover

William Z. Foster: Industrial Unionism, 1936. (P) $4. Cover

William Weinstone: The Great Sit-Down Strike, 1937. (P) $3. Cover

Joseph Weydemeyer, Pioneer of American Socialism, by Karl Obermann, 1947. Internet only

Walter Linder: The Great Flint Sit-Down Strike Against GM 1936-37, 1967. $5. Cover

A Labor Party for the United States, 1936. (P) $4. Cover

Shih Chan: A Brief History of the United States, 1972. (P) $4. Cover. Translation of a Chinese pamphlet providing a good, short (44 p.) summary of U.S. working class history.

This Land is Their Land: A Revolutionary Working People's History of the United States, by George Gruenthal. $6. Cover. Second, expanded edition, 2019. A 184 p. illustrated book giving a brief overview of U.S. history.

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Other including Other Communist

Resolution of the Comintern on the South African Question, 1928. (P) $3.

Harry Robinson: The Struggle for Puerto Rican Independence, 1936. (P) $3. Cover

Hernan Laborde: Toward the People’s Anti-Imperialist Front in Mexico, 1936. (P) $3. Cover

Georgi Dimitroff: Spain and the Peoples Front, 1936. (P) $3. Cover

M. Ercoli: Specific Features of the Spanish Revolution, 1936. (P) $3. Cover

Clarence A. Hathaway: Fighting for Democracy in Spain, 1936. (P) $3. Cover

Communist Party of Spain: For a Democratic Spain!, 1936.  (P) $3.

Jacques Duclos: Unity for Victory, 1936. (P) $3. Cover

On the Communist Approach to Zionism, 1936.  (P) $3.

Paul Novick: Palestine – Land of Anti-Imperialist Struggle, 1936. (P) $3. Cover

William L. Patterson: British Rule in South Africa, 1936. (P) $3. Cover

Anna Louise Strong: Spain in Arms, 1937. $5. Cover

R. Osborn,  Freud and Marx, 1937. Internet only. A serious attempt to combine the views of Freud and Marx. The author wishes to use Freud's view of the subconscious to uncover the ideas that people are not even aware of that may be holding them back from socialism. Although this may be worthwhile, the author also brings in other constructs of Freud, includiing the ego, Oedipus complex, etc. The interested reader should make up his/her own mind on this.

Georges Soria: Trotskyism in the Service of Franco, 1938. (P) $4. Cover

Gerhard Eisler, Albert Norden, Albert Schreiner: The Lesson of Germany, 1945. $7. Cover. An important book dealing with the rise and fall of fascism in Germany.

[Greek] National Liberation Front (E.A.M.) White Book, Greek American Council, August 1945. Documents that show how British forces bombed Athens, which had been liberated by the E.A.M, at the end of World War II. 131 pages, $5. Cover
How Man Became a Giant, by M. Ilin & E. Segal, 1945. $8. Cover. This 180 page book by two Soviet authors gives a simple but not simplified account of the development of man from ape to class society.
The Origin of Life on Earth, by A.I. Oparin, third revised and expanded edition, 1945. This 493 page book by a Soviet author explains how organic matter could develop from inorganic matter, thus undermining one of the religious arguments for creation of living beings by a supernatural being. Internet only. We include the original image pdf since there may be formulas that were not written correctly by the OCR software.

Tabitha Petran: Zionism, A Political Critique, 1971. (P) $3. Cover

Juan Antonio Corretjer: El Líder de la Desperación, 1972. En español. (P) $4. Portada

Jim Rosenbaum & Al Johnson: The U.S. State is a Machine Oppressing the Working Class, 1991. (P) $3. Cover

Philip Stein: Siqueiros, His Life and works. Chapter 13:  Leon Trotsky. Siqueiros was one of the great Mexican muralists. Phil Stein was a painter and member of the Communist Party USA who studied under Siqueiros and wrote a biography of him. This chapter deals with the April 1940 attack on Trotsky (not the one in which Trotsky was killed the following August)  masterminded by Siqueiros in an attempt to force the Mexican government to expel Trotsky from the country. 1994. (P) $3. Cover

George Orwell: Anti-Communist Propagandist, Champion of Trotskyism & State Informer, reprinted from the Stalin Society, Britain, 1998. (P) $3. Cover

Frances Stonor Saunders: Cultural Cold War: The CIA and the World of Arts and Letters, 2000. Internet only. A liberal account of how after World War II the CIA financed many cultural institutions to counter Soviet socialist culture. Once you get past the author's anti-communism, it has many valuable exposures of the U.S. Cold War on the cultural front.
Chile and the Road to Socialism: Lessons of the Pinochet Coup of 1973, by Willi Dickhut, with an unauthorized introduction by Jim Rosenbaum, 2013. $5. Cover.
N.B. Turner et al: Is China an Imperialist Country? 2014. $12. This book, apparently by a Maoist collective, gives the answer in the affirmative, showinng by detailed analysis that China today meets all of Lenin's characteristics of imperialism.
In China, Capitalism Is Being Consolidated, Not Socialism, PCML Ecuador. A popular pamphlet exposing present-day China as a capitalist country. 2017.  (P) $3. Cover
En China se consolida el capitalismo, no el socialismo, PCML Ecuador. Un panfleto popular que expone como la China de hoy es un país capitalista. 2017. (P) $3. Portada.
The Class Nature of China Today, 2021. (P) $3. Cover. An update on the class nature of China, including Xi Xinping's "One Belt One Road" initiative.
South Africa: Four pamphlets from the April 2019 Congress of the South Africa Socialist Revolutionary Workers Party (the party that grew out of the National Metalworkers Union after the Marikana miners' massacre in 2012):(P) Manifesto $3, Cover; Constitution $4, Cover; Red Book $5, Cover; Guiding Documents $4, Cover.
Toby Terrar & Monty Thornburg: The Civil Rights History of Greene County, Alabama from a Rank and File Perspective: It’s More Than Race, 2019. It concentrates on the role of public  school teacher Robert Brown. 63 pages, 8.5 x 11. $6.
Jean Boulier: I Was A Red Priest. The autobiography of Father Boulier, who studied to became a Jesuit priest and supported the communists, both in the period of the united front and after. He worked with progressive Catholic groups in Eastern Europe, and particularly in the peace movement. This 2022 English translation is fully annotated, with numerous appendices. Over 700 pages. $20.
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Livres en français
Histoire du Parti Communiste (Bolchevik) de l’URSS. Traduction officielle de l'«Histoire du PC(b) de l'URSS» de 1939, 400 pages. $10. Couverture

Histoire du Mouvement Communiste International I, 1848-1917, Petit Bibliotheque Chinoise. Jusque'a la mort de Marx. 1976. Un livre de 160 pages. $6. Couverture

Histoire du Mouvement Communiste International II, 1848-1917, Petit Bibliotheque Chinoise. Sur leninisme et la revolution russe. 1976. Couverture
Un livre de 160 pages. $6.
Georges Politzer. Principes élémentaires de philosophie. $10. Couverture. La version complète du livre du philosophe marxiste, compilée par ses élèves après son exécution par les nazis en France occupée en 1942.

PCOF: Pour une rupture révolutionnaire avec le système. 2020. $6. Couverture. Une analyse détaillée en 127 p. des luttes des travailleurs et du peuple français contre les attaques néolibérales. Il est clair que les mouvements révolutionnaires peuvent se développer dans des pays impérialistes, pas seulement dans des pays opprimés.

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